21_Mar 10 / Tile Test Updates

refinement of articulaion and patterning

21_Mar 08 / Maintenance Jacket Latch

Jacket detail study

Considering the process and closures of a double sided jacket with a single closure mechanism.

21_Feb 17 / Tile Tests 3

Experimenting with assembled modules

Expanding upon last week’s study into how to both articulate and derive the patterning and incisions into the tile, while retaining the duality of the tile along the one axis to allow for variation in the aggregation.

21_Feb 10 / Tile Tests 2

Experimenting with assembled modules

Inverting the pattern to experiment with the original geometry as to afford variability with the axialy symmetry to allow for a variable pattern and texture.

21_Feb 03 / Tile Tests

Experimenting with assembled modules

Series of aggregations inspired by the waveform, shingle pattern.

21_Jan 23 / An Outdoor Furniture Piece for Critters

A porous artifact

A configurable stool or planter with openings or a sleeve for critters to hide and nest.

20_Nov 05 / Lego Totem 2

Reconfigured artifact as an imaginary.

Ruminating on stacked legos as an imaginary edifice.


20_Nov 01 / GSAPP Studio Process

Tower as Mast

A further investigation into how the tower would become the mast by which the canopy would cantilever over the site.

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20_Oct 28 / GSAPP Studio Process

Digital Sketch Diagrams

Alongside my team, here are a few sketches that attempt to question how to double the canopy through a series of additions. However, the sketches limited through constraints as follows : (1) no addition of columns(tower as new column) (2) constrainted to the existing site (3) add./sub. with only the canopy sf to cover full site.

20_Oct 24 / Chef’s Table BBQ Rosa Chay Chuc

Processes and Devices

Cataloguing the processes of Rosa in following traditional Mayan cooking as a original bbq process.

20_Oct 17 / GSAPP Studio Process

Water as a Didactic Material

Water becomes a civic material through the extension of the engagement through the site in the collection of pools, and articulation of collection condensers to be stored in the architecture.

20_Oct 06 / GSAPP Studio Process

Forms of Water, Architecture as Machine for Collection or device for education

Water becomes a civic material in the culture of Chile, does it become a form of conservation or engagement?

20_Oct 03 / GSAPP Studio Process

Negative Forms Form

Considering the ruin as the formwork to create a new canopy as a artifact of the original full canopy of UNCTAD III.

20_Sept 27 / GSAPP Studio Process

double or halve the program?

A scenario to double circulation for a repositioned UNCTAD III in Santiago, Chile after the ruin in 2006

20_Sept 16 / Chef Table BBQ process review

whole hog cooking process

Sketching the devices and materials involved in Rodney Scott’s whole hog cooking process.

20_Sept 13 / Folly Doodle

Digital Sketching Test

Sketching a conceptual carved folly in the landscape.

20_Sept 03 / Documentary “Chef’s Table : BBQ” with Lennox Hastie’s forge

Reviewing the way bbq influences a minimal way of cooking 

Sketching the tools, oven and organization of the cooking vessels of Lennox Hastie’s restaurant - fire as a material and actor in curating an experience.

20_Aug 29 / Deployable Standing Table

Apartment Working Alternatives for Remote Learning and Working

Explored how to make a efficient design for a simple standing table with lighweight pine and plywood.

20_May 30 / Lego Totems

Covid-19 ruminations

Sketching stacked lego blocks as a formal totem or an occupiable edifice.

20_Apr 08 / Isolation Follies 

Covid-19 daydreams

Sketching a series of landscape viewing follies along the Muddy River in Boston,MA, a series of brooks and ponds that is part of the Boston’s Emerald Necklace. 

20_Mar 25 / Aluminum City Terrace Study

Covid-19 reflections

Reflecting apon a local development to my hometown by Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer for aluminum factory workers in New Kensington, PA during the Second World War. Although the original design was not entirely fullfilled, it’s been rewarding to research and understand the intentions as an architect in conjunction with reflect upon my prior perceptions of a place that I noticed only briefly as passing through.

20_Mar 20 / Apartment Objects and New Rituals

Covid-19 new rituals

Sketch of a french press and coffee cup. A new ritual for remote working.

20_Jan 11 - Feb 23 / Cabin Concept 02

Revised Concept design for a cabin in the White Mountains

Reorganized thoughts about the cabin concept exploring sectional variations in contrast to the formal distortions of the first experiment.

19_Sep 27- Oct 04 / Spain trip Sketches!

Musings in Cordoba, Sevilla, Barcelona, and Madrid   

A series of observations of spatial, formal, and organizational qualities of the various places visited along the journey through Spain. Pen and colored pencil

19_Aug 10 / Cabin Concept 01

Concept design for a cabin in the White Mountains

Revisited the prior hostel design as a singular cabin concept.

18_Oct 15 / Thrift Supply Hardware Demo Porch

Demonstration porch opportunities at the entrance to the hardware store.

A study into how to integrate an integrated landscape for demonstrating and displaying outdoor lawn products.

18_Aug 05 - 15 / Mass Timber Hiking  Hostels  Competition

Analyzing the sectional and formal qualities of the hostel cabins for the Mass Timber Competition

A series of observations of spatial, formal, and organizational qualities of the various places visited along the journey through Spain

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020