quad 2017 pavilion competition for architecture boston expo

competition, installation

ABX 2017, boston, ma

600 sf
winner, installed

11 months, mutli-stage competition

Artem Batuyev, Abigail Jones, Tim Choi, Danielle Lax, Sienad Gallivan
Autodesk Build Space, Mark Richey Woodworking

[re]ACTIVE was the winning design in a two-phase competition to design, fabricate and deploy a sustainable social space with content display on the floor of Architecture Boston Expo. The pavilion reimagines the traditional New England cedar shingle as a moveable, user-engaged tectonic system which creates a multiplicity of behaviors and interaction between people and architecture. The fully modular system was fabr

icated in partnership with a local millworker, assembled and installed by the design team, and continues to travel and serve as a social catalyst with a national expo organizer.

My role as part of the team project included initial design and fabrication. This was a team project included a cohort of young architects as follows : Artem Batuyev, Tim Choi, Sinead Gulliven, Abigail Jones, and Danielle Lax.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020