Thrift Supply Hardware

a neighborhood porch

retail, adapative reuse, professional

delmont, pa


september 2019

Reusing a prior neighborhood, grocery store in a primarily residential context, the design for the new Thrift Supply Hardware store aims to provide a flexible platform to share products through interior and exterior demonstration spacesas well as an inviting atmosphere for customers and neighborhood to explore. By pinwheeling the interior organization, the design afforded a more centralized waypoint for customer service and point of sale.

In regards to materiality, the existing floating ceilings were peeled away to expose the patchwork of open steel and wood joists, tracing the history of the collaging of the building. On the exterior, by removing the existing canopy, the primary graphic of the building simplified to an articulated metal facade, raking the horizontal lines across the face of the building. An event porch offers the new hardware store an additional space to share new products and demonstrate the capabilities.

My role as design architect for the project consisted of design direction and details and exterior product pricing and collaboration with fabricators for shop drawing review. The scope of work consisted of exterior architecture and interior shell.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020