Threshold Aggregations

plywood + metal studies synthesizing an aggregated module threshold for a boathouse

academic, CMU SoA Advanced Studio

north shore, pittsburgh, pa, usa


Jeremy Ficca

Fall 2013

4 months  
Material investigations in plywood through deformation and metal through folding aimed to better understand the physical and performative qualities of the material as an architectural element. This led to an expanded study of meta as a performative solar chimney, driving the programmatic arrangement for the design of the boathouse. The design accomplished a design synthesis of materiality
through the module system within the education and celebration of rituals an programmatic qualities of the boathouse.

The process investigating plywood and metal culminated as a threshold affording performative and experiential qualities. Specifically, the qualities plywood offered a screen that modulates light and view. The second investigation into metal inspired a series of formal experiments into folding the material to later parameterize to performing as solar chimneys across the southern facade, varying to provide view for occupants of the boathouse.

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