River’s Edge Cafe

inspired by the sculpting of water

professional, interior

medford, ma

completed, march 2020

9 months 
River’s Edge Café is a project that reflected the nature of the adjacent river through the flowing river as a sculpting mechanism. The articulation of the ceiling plane is informed by the gathering and views of of the space.

The flexibility for the café to be used as both as a public café and as the primary tenant’s amenity as a conference room and large staff meetings. The primary articulation of the ceiling plane afforded the gesture to offer the movement through the space as a partitioned and singular space. The programmatic layout and circulation informed the location and articulation of the ceiling plane. The design massed the sculpted plane as a series of alternating baffles that layer along the length of the space with integrated lights to further emphasize the design.

I collaborated as the primary designer alongside a technical and project architect from schematic through construction documentation. Also, I led coordination and detailed the custom baffle assemblies alongside the PET baffle manufacturer and contractor. The project is currently under construction.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020