upcycled cardboard furniture for Samsung TV packaging

industrial design, furniture, competition


May 2020
Imagine if upcycled cardboard furniture becomes a design framework that affords an ensemble of uses, rather than a singular object. Ripple is a furniture system that aims to transform a cardboard box into a cascade of linked ledges enabling curation and expression.

The array of these modules offers pedestals for small photographs or objects to be displayed, an otherwise arduous task to maintain a grid layout for a photograph collection. Alternatively, Ripple may become a trellis for interior vining plants. A third scenario augments the design into an object of art for the space through user personalization; the panel may be colored, marked, or collaged.

For assembly, a cutout template printed onto the inside of the packaging becomes simple guidelines required to to process the packaging into panels and inserts with a box knife and ruler. On the wall, the user is instructed to layout the top mounting points as the opening of the panel as a template for spacing, and simply link succeeding panels in the woven configuration. With numerous uses not limited to the examples given, Ripple fosters effective adoption and satisfaction for Samsung’s television packaging reuse.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020