Infrastructral Palimpsest

integrating how we make with how we live

academic, independent project

millvale, pa, usa


Christine Mondor
Fall 2014

3 months
The way we think about the resource ecology is becoming critical about how we can formulate a process that allows for the way we live to become a part of a larger scope of processes. Millvale imagines the future of its economy lies within hyperlocalized food production. The opportunities of opening the businesses within Millvale around food will provide the community more of a symbiotic relationship between the production, process, and distribution of food. The aim for the proposal is to have architecture become a vessel through which integrates the processes of producing food through aquaponics with public program: restaurant, market, community space, and a food lab which occupy an existing German brewery building at the threshold to the town.

The program is situated as part of a larger development of a residential community of the site, situating the building as the waypoint for the neighborhood, Millvale, and public to interact.

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