facade design competition

spring 2014 / 2nd place: completed 2014

Thee design was recognized by the Copenhagen Municipality and completed in 2014.
Below are articles to the recent completion:



Inspired by the palette as well as the material of the context and Holmbladsgade70B, this design celebrates the building’s masonry facade while incorporating a new pattern through a modular strategy. By accentuating the vertical elements with a dark grey, the brick modules tha twrap the building horizontally provide the opportunity to introduce derive this pattern. The pattern highlights the brick facade through application of a white paint to the area above and underneath the window juxtaposed to exposed brick as to reuse the existing material of the facade in a different method. The white and masonry modules are composed as bands across the facade. By not painting the entire building, there remains a record of the life of the building. Furthermore as to bring attention to the entrance as well as D.I.S. branding, the design incorporates a vertical blue strip above the entrance. The composition and accentuation of this facade elevate a sense of pride and identity for the students as D.I.S. continues to expand.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020