Cambridgepark Drive Pavilion 

curating a campus respite

professional, architecture

cambrdige, ma


duration, date                     
12 months, 2019
As part of the large landscape redevelopment of 100,125, 150 Cambridgepark Drive in Cambridge, MA, the pavilion acts as the chandelier for the network of bioswales. The pavilion acts as a sculpted moment embracing the existing honey locust tree at the pivot providing shelter for occupants for outdoor cooking and serving in the west petal, seating in the east petal. The canopy acts as the stage for adjacent integrated activities in the lawn as well as offers a new outdoor meeting space for those working in the buildings.

The pavilion is positioned as the chandelier as a moment of respite and cover from the elements. The design of the open air pavilion follows the notion of the form softened by the circulation and existing honey locust tree. The canopy brings a more intimate scale and the materiality of the wood soffit softens the palette.

A refinement of the canopy scope and materiality evolved through a better understanding of the programmatic and budgetary parameters. My role as the primary designer was to design, diagram, and coordinate with OJB from concept through construction documentation. Currently, the project is out for bid, to be priced.

Joel McCullough Copyright 2020